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Who We Are
As an online English education platform, ABsay provides an International learning experience of English for Chinese children between 4 to 12 years old.
What We Believe
We believe that education should be connected with faith, hope and love. Based on ABsay’s Platform, all topnotch teachers with same belief with us will be linked with children no matter where these teachers are in the world. We believe every child need to be guided in the best way.
What We Do
We provide online English courses for Chinese children with a class size ranging from one to four. We aim to offer total-immersion English environment for our students to learn English, and guide them to speak English more confidently.
Reasons for working with ABsay
  • Convenience and flexibility
    ABsay offers an online education platform for English teaching; you can choose your teaching time and places, and enjoy teaching at home or any places with access to network.
  • Support and reliability
    When you meet some problems about teaching on our platform, our team are ready to support you. At Absay, we provide training and teaching plan, and other related services for your part-time teaching. We do our best to support you, and make you feel teaching not a boring process but delivering faith, hope and love.
  • Education fellowship
    At ABsay, we pay our passion and attention to children’s education, because we have a penchant for education. If you are a educator and love teaching, here you can find people with same belief as you. This is an education fellowship. We hope we are not just teaching knowledge, but learning something from others.
  • Cultural exchange
    Here you will find new things different from your culture, and you may realize that you are not only teaching language, but western culture and tradition. Meanwhile, you can learn about Chinese culture.
We will offer competitive compensation for teachers, which can make online teaching the start of a promising career path.